Thursday, July 31, 2008

Update on Our Summer Transitions and Transformations

Packed our wonderful rental home for the last two years in early July.
Officiated a beautiful wedding on July 11.
After a 24 hr. flu bug episode, we boarded a plane to Kona two days after originally schedule.
Back problems following the flu stuff which we handled with energy balancings, magnets, bio freeze and gentle healing touch and Love.
Fabulous Hawaii retreat with five of us returning from previous years for five days.
Then easy and inspiring five days with Robert, visioning, putting together our new schedule, Unity church newsletter and completing moving plans.
Returned late Friday July25 to finish packing and a full weekend of activity.
Fun and fulfilling Living Ministry one day workshop on Stewardship and Service on Saturday.
Sunday School and Church services at Unity on the Delta .
Sunday afternoon spent organizing and appreciating new home changes in two weeks we were gone.
Moved in Monday, July 28 from 6 AM-7PM with help of dear friend Betty, plus four moving men and a truck.
I spent moving day “out of commission” due to body stuff.
Tuesday put together much house stuff in the AM and then went to bed for rest of the day, while Robert did errands and Tuesday eve. class.
Unpacked and organized Wed. AM. Clients all afternoon.
And here we are Thursday morning.
My computer is up and running and so is my body. Yeah! I have missed the services of both! ;)
80% unpacked and organized. Our intention is to be 100% unpacked by the time Robert leave on Saturday early AM.
Doing office work and business stuff today with picture hanging, plus beautiful things.
Tomorrow will be wonderful break with grandchildren in Petaluma.
Robert flies early Saturday to Asheville to finish my Mom’s move, packing up her condo, and more.
She is leaving over 30 years of friendships, volunteer service in multiple organizations and the longest home she ever lived in.
Her Condo is sold and she has given away 95 % of her things. Wow!
I will see my Alameda little ones on Saturday morning and then have a full day of clients.
Sunday Service and music at Unity for me. Topic: “Healthy Changes.”
Monday I have clients and more house organization, getting ready for my Mom’s move in.
I fly to Asheville on Tuesday AM to finish, gather with friends and say “good’bye”.
We three, Robert Mom and myself fly to Kalamazoo on Friday AM ,where we visit Reunion Spiritual family and our Dickerson Family Annual Reunion at a 4 H Camp on Bear Lake. Usually over 100 of the 240 folks attend each year.
We fly home on Monday morning August 11.

Then we create our new norm, arranging our new home to fit our new family (3 of us)
and our new schedule and new lifestyle with a renewal of Mind, Body and Spirit, making new friends.
Sounds like a lot of Newness in every area of our lives!!
And it is!!

My Mind and emotions are almost totally supportive of all the changes…..a little uncertainty.
But my physiology has reacted to the stress of all the physical changes.
I am learning to slow down.
One step at a time.
Easy does it.
And Everything always works together for Good.
And So It Does!

I am always loving You!.
That is a certainty and a grounding principle in my life.
Thank God!
Betty Lue