Wednesday, July 23, 2008

To Be Truly Helpful

  • Take impeccable care of yourself. Be centered and strong in well-being mentally, physically and spiritually.
  • Eat right with the best nutrition for you…. with lots of pure water to keep the flow going.
  • Sleep enough to keep you rested, so you can be alive, alert and enthusiastic.
  • Keep your house, car and office clean. Let go of what you cannot utilize and care for well.
  • Heal your relationships. Forgive yourself and others for any perceived harm.
  • Honor the earth and her resources. Being respectful and responsible teaches and blesses the humanity.
  • Choose daily activities which are inspiring, educational and/or provide healing, humor and joy.
  • Give your best when you give. You will receive as you have given, so you can give even more.
  • Communicate effectively by listening first to understand, before needing to speak to be understood.
  • Handle your financial matters with conscientiousness, so that you experience peace of mind.
  • Take time to keep your agreements, speak respectfully and act responsibly.
  • Discover what your life means to you and support yourself in living purposefully.
  • Above all find a place of quiet and sacredness, where you can still your mind and replenish your soul.

Know that your whole life matters.
Everyone is learning from your thoughts, your words and your activities.
You are an example for future generations.
Your whole life is a shining star on the cosmic screen.
You are healing errors of humanity by transforming your own life.
Give your self the Best today and the Best will be your Gift.

Loving You,
Betty Lue

Be aware that we are all learning from YOU!