Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Reading Between the Lines?

Give me your blessing, Holy Son of God.
Send me your peace and Love, Dear Friend.
We are One in Spirit.
What we give, we also receive.

This summer has been a challenging time.
It is an invitation for me to balance my life.
I am someone who loves beauty and order in my environment.
Right now everything is in boxes.
We are getting ready for a move that happens two days after our return from HI.
When we have moved (many times) in the past…..the entire process takes 3-7 days including packing, unpacking, cleaning, boxes all empty and pictures on the walls.
And this time, This process will not be complete until my Mom arrives on August 11.

So what is my Foundation?
The Truth I know and live.
What is my loving reminder?
I am grateful I have all the Goodness and Beauty I have in you and all those around me.
What is my Comfort and my Guide?
The Source of all Being, the gift of Love I live and give.
What is my Joy?
The sunrise and sunset, the sound of birds, the laugh of the children.
What is the Strength in which I trust?
It is found in faith that All things are working together for Good.
What do I rely upon when day is done?
God is Love and therefore so Am I.
I am as God created me, whole and happy and free.

Life is a sacred journey.
It is the Peace of Mind I bring to every perception that brings healing to me.
It is the gratitude with which I perceive all things that brings me lasting energy.
It is the Love with with I live and give that fulfills my heart and restores my soul.
So let this journey be remembered as the sacred gift it is.

Blessed be to all that is.
And remember, the Blessings already are.
Betty Lue