Saturday, July 19, 2008

Many Paths Home

There is no right way.
There is no special way.
There is only to find and follow Your own way.

You see, each one of us is unique.
Each one pays a significant part in the One, the unified whole.
And when you find your place, just right, you will be happy.

Look not to your brother for your direction, but look within yourself to find your inner light to guide your way.
Listen not to the many voices outside clamoring for your allegiance, but listen within for the inner Voice of your Being.

And how is it we can find that which is True for us?
How can we discern what will be our part to play?
How do we know when we are in our “right” place?
How do we claim the ray of the sun that is truly ours?

Life is like an Exploratorium.
We are here to try out many possibilities until we find what invites, intrigues and inspires us.
Life is like a classroom.
We may be distracted by others or assisted by others.
Choose your alliances wisely.
Life is like a library.
We can choose the books we like: entertaining, mysterious, weird and wonderful, dramatic and romantic.
Life is like a grand buffet restaurant.
We can take a little of everything just to taste it all or eat only what really nurtures and nourishes us.
Life is like an adventure tour.
We seem to have consistent traveling companions we can choose to listen to, learn from and/or avoid.
Life is like a beautiful story written and painted on a canvas over time.
We can choose to whiteout any or many parts and focus only on now or make a collage of the whole history.
Life is like a spiritual journey which may challenge, inspire, and encourage us or disappoint and fatigue us.
We can choose to take responsibility for what we learn and experience or blame externals for causing discomfort.

Each of us is at choice in how we perceive our selves and our lives.
If we saw life as a movie, we can realize we bought the ticket and can leave at any time.
If we see life as a movie, we can choose which theater and what movies we prefer.
We can step away from whatever is not our cup of tea.
I prefer to stay awake, be inspired, learn something and come out of the theater feeling uplifted and encouraged to make life better for everyone.

What movie are you watching?
Loving you,
Betty Lue