Sunday, July 20, 2008

Everything is Optional

You are at choice.
Every thought is optional.
Every behavior is yours to choose or not.
Every word is your choice.

We can believe we had no choice.
We can act life, “The devil made us do it.”
We can pretend we were powerless.
But we are totally at choice.

When we are unconscious, we may not know any better way.
When we are irresponsible, we may not feel capable of choosing our response.
When we are lacking self respect, we may not see ourselves as capable or willing.
When we feel stuck in addiction or victimization, we may believe we are at the effect.

These two ways to perceive our selves in the world create two very different experiences.

“I am a victim of the world I see.” conjures visions of pain and suffering, drama and tragedy.
As a victim, we can only hope to please the “powers” that be enough to escape pain and punishment.

“I am not the victim of the world I see.” “I am not a body. I am free.
As a sovereign Being, created in the likeness and image of the Creator, here to create the Good, Beautiful and Holy,
I am free to forgive what is not Good and Godly and free to choose what is Good for All.

Thus, with Love for Self, Respect for All, I take responsibility for the thoughts and images in my mine.
I take total responsibility for the words I speak and the ways I treat my Self, my creations and All others.
The way I think and speak and act is a teaching, a living example.
The way we think and speak and act is setting the stage for those around us to think and speak and act in a more respectful and responsible manner.
The way all of us think and imagine, speak and treat one another and our world is a school for conscious living.
When we live and love and give consciously, we begin to refine our choices.
We can see where we are giving and creating and teaching less than our best.
We can take responsibility for cleaning up the areas in which we have been giving our power to others and teaching falsely.
We can determine where we have been caught in conforming to the beliefs of the masses.
We can discern where we have disempowered ourselves and allowed others to determine our life choices.
We can forgive, undo, let go and lightly release all that is not wholly true, Good and Loving.
We can choose again.

This is the sacred gift of life.
We can forgive and choose again.

I am willing to be a conscious chooser.
I no longer allow thoughts of victimization to rule my mind.
I think, speak and act with the mind of Good for All.
And so it is, I choose.

Loving you,
Betty Lue