Monday, July 21, 2008


You are the chooser.
Forgive faulty learning and choose for what you want to believe.
Act as if you believe and continue clearing your resistance, doubts and fears.
As you see your life follows your conscious thoughts and images, words and affirmations, behaviors and interaction, you will recognize how you are creating your life everyday.

I am a victim.
I am at choice.

I cannot do it.
I can do it.

I have to or should……
I choose to ……..

They hurt my feelings.
I allowed my thoughts about what their behavior to hurt my feelings.

They said unkind things that upset me.
I choose to stop taking other’s words personally.

That makes me so mad.
I choose to react to others behavior with anger. And I can change my reactions easily.

I have to go to school, make my bed, get shots, brush my teeth.
The choices I make are in my best interests. No one makes me; I choose.

I can’t get a job.
I can choose to work anytime I want.

I have to live in a ghetto, or a congested area or in an unhealthy area.
I choose to continue living here rather than move to a better area for me.

I have no choice but to go to work in a bad situation.
I choose to continue working at my current job, because it feels easier and safer than changing jobs.

I am stuck with what I have and where I am.
I am free to choose to be and do and have whatever I really want.

The economy has really screwed up my life choices.
I have allowed my belief that externals are in charge of my life.

It is impossible to change my life at this late date.
It is never too late to choose again to have the life I really want.

There is no way I can fulfill my dreams.
Where there is a will, there is a way.

I was destined (genetically or karmically) to have struggles and limitations.
I can rewrite my own story whenever I choose.

Loving you as you discover your conscious and unconscious choices.
Betty Lue

Read Louise Hay’s book: “You Can Heal Your Life