Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Can You See What You Want to Be?

In most creative traditions (metaphysics, Feng Shui, Creative Visualization, spiritual healing, etc.), we are taught to visualize the changes we want to see in the world. Yet, most media presentations, politicians, doomsday speakers are giving us the pictures of what is and how bad it may become.
Using fear to lead only leads to more fear and less creative and healing visualization.

Fearful images contract thoughts, words and behaviors.
Fear creates isolation, limited thinking, and defensiveness.
Fear shuts down creativity, tends to focus on one solution and diminishes resourcefulness.
Using fear as a tool increases dependency, manipulation and control over those who are frightened.

To encourage creative solutions and enhanced resourcefulness, reduce or eliminate fear.
Seek peace first and then the mind opens to unlimited options.
Eliminate negative imaginings and you will shin a light on possible miraculous outcomes.
Undo a historical perspective of how bad things will be and you find hope, faith and creative thinking.

The fine art of forgiveness is literally the best eraser for the mind.
Can you forgive what scares you?
Can you erase from your mind the pictures of the past or the predictions of disaster?
Are you willing to suspend your worst projections to allow for future miracls?

The second best mental eraser is humor, amusement and laughter.
Fear always dissolves at the sound of laughter.
Consider encapsulating your scariest thoughts in a pink bubble and then blowing it up. Poof!
Consider draining off the negative scary energy into the hot molten core of the Earth. Gooey!

You see fear is nothing but a thought which creates a limiting emotional reaction.
Scary pictures create fear-based feelings and reactions.

Let’s all choose to undo the fear in our world.
Find a technique that is fun safe and easy for you.
Eliminate feeding the fearful media by ignoring it all.
Stop telling scary stories. Stop yourself when you start to engage in disaster thinking.
Ask yourself, what you want to become and experience.
Give attention to the realm of possibility.
Trust that what you conceive and believe can be achieved.
Give some credence to “Thought creates.”

I see a world where we remember simply to Love one another as we also Love ourselves.
I see a place where the innocent children lead us to Loving kindness and caring for one another.
I see a time where we all share what we have without need or greed or fear.
I see that you and I are changing the world with our love, appreciation and open-mindedness right now.

I am loving you and All,
Betty Lue