Sunday, June 08, 2008

Your True Self

Brighter than the Sun.
Loving EveryOne.
Once we have begun.
Our Real Work will be done.

We will Be.
All will See,
Truly Free.
As the Star We Are.

And so it is we live,
To find our way clear of distractions, delusions and disappointment.
When we appoint the way others have followed, we will not find Our Way.
Our inner light is only bright, when we let go and shine the Love inside.

Too much time is spent trying to be like others before us and around us.
When we claim our uniqueness and play our part with full passion and joy,
We will experience the freedom and trust that comes from Love ItSelf.
There are so many paths and only one destination, to be the One We Are.

Is it possible we have the Sun to show us the Light in us?
Is it possible that we have the Son to show us the Love in us?
Is it possible that we can be a Star in the night sky of fear and darkness?
Is it possible that we can be the Teacher and Way Shower for those who follow?

How can you be your True Self?
How can you speak simply words that inspire?
How can you know Great Love for all Beings?
How can you be the One You Really Are?

Take time each day to clear away what consumes your energy.
Take time each day to forgive the ones who ignored and confused you.
Take time each day to release attachments to what covers the real yearning inside.
Take time each day to give thanks for everyone and everything that inspires you.

You can polish your Diamond Essence.
You can bring Light into your World.
You can inspire those around You.
Simply light your own Life with Love and Appreciation.

Loving you,
Betty Lue