Thursday, June 05, 2008

What Do You Know?

When you listen inside, what do you hear?
When you listen to your heart, is it all clear?
When you listen with love, what do you find?
When you listen for Truth, are you always kind?

I know that listening for the Highest Truth will get you to where you want to be.
I know that listening with hope is what brings the light for you to see.
I know that where you are growing your faith, it is Love that you seek.
I know that your heart will give you the Love and Peace that you can be.

Learning to listen within bypasses the judging mind.
Sitting quietly and patiently with note pad in hand will open the door to hearing more.
When you listen and hear the most loving way, but choose to do it another way, you will hear less.
When you honor and follow what you know to be best for All, you will expand your inner listening.

It is not a science or an art; it is willingness that opens the door.
When we set aside our fears and judgments, we can all hear that inner voice.
Usually by age 4-6, we have stopped listening within, because the outer voices create such a din.
So take time to practice and see what happens.

I highly recommend that you set a regular time daily with no interruption.
Same place, same time with a pad of paper, or journal and a pen.
Write your questions or prayers at the top, close your eyes, quiet your mind and wait.
Whatever you hear needs to be all written down. (Do not try to make sense of it, simply take notes,)
Later when you read it back it will be clear what part came from the inner voice (guidance) from your love center
and what (if any) might have come from your learned ego which is usually fearful and defensive.
Make sure you acknowledge with appreciation for yourself and your willingness and honor with acknowledgment
and follow-through on what you hear.
The more you are willing and happy to listen, the more you hear.

Following your inner voice will lead you around all obstacles and problems.
You will learn how to have a fun, safe and easy life.
You will begin to see yourself ad your world differently. Listen.

Also the 30 day process below is a powerful cleanser of the past and your own consciousness to make you more able and willing to listen within.

Loving you,
Betty Lue