Thursday, June 12, 2008

To feel Safe, Secure and Loved……..

You must feel and think and act with pure Love in your heart.
When you are feeling angry, you will be afraid of others’ anger.
When you are thinking revenge, you will be defending against other’s vengeance.
When you are behaving in cruel ways, you will be vigilant against possible attack.

The only way to clear fear is to stop thinking, speaking and acting with fear.

Today I realized that it is in our total innocence that we feel at home and in peace.
It is when we are believing and behaving with unconditional trust and love that we know peace within.
It is from clearing our own defensiveness, need for control and attack on others that we know we are safe.
Life is the dumping ground to heal all past history, ours and others with profound and absolute forgiveness.

When we withhold love from ourselves or another, we experience fear.
When we separate ourselves from the welfare of all others, we feel unprotected.
When we step away from opportunities to help others, we fear being unsupported.
When we are giving our love, our compassion and our kindness, we feel safe.

Gossip is a form of attack.
When we gossip, we fear being gossiped about..
Rejection is a form of attack.
When we reject someone, we fear others’ rejection.
Criticism is a form of attack.
When we criticize another, we defend against being criticized.

To feel safe, secure and always loved, we must provide safety, security and unconditional Love.

Life is for giving.
When we forsake or forget to give, we receive the same from others.
Life is for giving.
When we forgive and remember to give, we receive the same from others.

Let not your childhood experiences, your peers or your world teach you what is not true.
Erase from your mind, your words and your actions all that is not wholly true and loving.

Loving all as we let go of our fear of loving.
Betty Lue