Sunday, June 01, 2008


Are you willing to respond with love to everything and everyone in your life?
Are you open to see what really is the Truth underneath the craziness, the dis-ease and the fear?
Are you trusting that there is a reality of beauty and Goodness and Love?
Do you forgive your fearful thoughts, limiting beliefs and unhealthy habits to remember Love?

It is ours to forgive erase and undo whatever is not true and loving and good for all.
It is ours to live in a way that inspires, lifts up and encourages those we encounter.
It is ours to heal our past, to undo our addictions and forgetfulness.
It is ours to be that which we are called to be by revealing our Highest Selves.

We do have responsibility for whatever befalls us by responding in the most healing ways.
Often we are so busy asking why or seeking to blame someone or something, we forget our way.
The responsibility in life is to give it all to the Highest Good, to be used for the Good of All.
The reality of life is that on the canvas of this physical dimension we can paint the power of Love.

Can we let go of our pettiness and greediness and stop trying to figure out how to get our way?
Can we relinquish our limiting vision and see what is good to appreciate and increase the Good?
Can we stop placing blame on others to step up to take our rightful place doing Good for others?
Can we release our need to analyze and understand why and how and simply be at peace?

When we are responsible for taking impeccable care of ourselves, we are willing and happy.
When we are willing and happy to respond to what is, we are able and confident in how to respond.
When we are able and confident, we know what and to whom to give.
When we know what to give and to whom, we have found the responsible path for our life.

There are so many opportunities to take responsibility.
When we see an injustice, we can speak up or say a prayer or be helpful.
When we feel some physical or emotional need in ourselves, we can stop and fill the need.
When we notice a need in our neighbor or family member, we can joyfully and freely give.

Life offers each of us opportunities to reach out to others.
And we cannot give what we do not have.
If the need is education, let us educate ourselves.
If the need is hunger, let us feed ourselves enlivening foods.
If the need is faith, let us inspire and build our own faith.
If the need is better ways of managing finances, let us become better stewards.
What we have to give, comes from being responsible for what we have.
Let us be fully responsible by beginning within.

Loving us all as we grow in our willingness to respond with Love to All That Is,
Betty Lue