Monday, June 30, 2008

Peaceful Changes

When you make changes without peace, they will be disturbing to others.
When you make changes with peace, they will be beneficial to others.

Changes made as reactions to being hurt, angry and upset will engender more upset.
Changes made after forgiveness, clarity and inner peace will bring healing.
Changes made when upset, tired, sick, in recovery are simply readjustments.
Changes made without consideration of the welfare of all will yield guilt.

It is essential that we recognize every process is for our own inner peace.
We can be creative, creating new possibilities and opportunities for good.
We can be reactive, acting emotionally to avoid or punish or handle our guilt.
In order to find peace, we must forgive ourselves, change our minds and listen within.

Feeling upset or hurt, offended or afraid is a clear sing we are living off purpose.
When we are listening within and honoring our inner voice we live with freedom and trust.
When we are weathering the climatic and emotional storms in life, we respond to what is with ease.
When we are resisting the storms of life, we may react with fear, anger, defensiveness and attack.

Respect what life offers.
· Opportunities to heal our fears and judgments.
· Chances to see things differently.
· Opinions to forgive in order to feel peace.
· Gratitude to learn from everyone and everything.

Give your best and let go of the rest.

· Give reassurance where there is fear.
· Give help where there is a request.
· Give love where there is lack.
· Teach only by your example.

Stay with the lesson until it is learned.
· Quitting too soon will yield another time to learn the same.
· Quitting with blame and anger exaggerates anxiety within.
· Quitting under pressure increases the sense of victimization.
· Quitting from a poor-me place diminishes self esteem.

Find inner peace with your changes.
· Before, after or during peace, take time to heal your inner conflicts.
· Give every impulsive change some time to settle before implementing.
· Always consider the impact on everyone and everything.
· Change with prayerful feelings and thoughts of respect and gratitude.

Yes, change is constant.
How we respect and respond is what generates the blessing or disaster.
All change can work together for good when we focus on seeing the Good.
Life is an opportunity to manage every moment with love, trust and respect.

Blessing us all for the peaceful changes we make in alignment with Spirit.
Loving you,
Betty Lue