Monday, June 02, 2008

Parents Need Help

Our families need help to nurture healthy, conscious, respectful and responsible children.
Our society needs to change the way we perceive and treating our children and our elders.

Let’s help parents be the best parents they can be.

The best parents are patient.
The best parents are respectful.
The best parents are forgiving.
The best parents are helpful.
The best parents are responsible.
The best parents are listening.
The best parents are cooperative.
The best parents love first and ask questions later.
The best parents feed their children only what nourishes mind, body and Spirit.
The best parents forgive themselves for what they mistakenly teach their children.
The best parents take responsibility for changing their own behavior as role models.
The best parents take good care of themselves and enjoy guiding and providing for their children.
The best parents are inspired, educated and open and willing to learn whatever it takes to be the best.

What can we grandparents, neighbors and teachers do to help parents be their best?

We can be role models.
We can give them time to take good care of themselves.
We can give them a break.
We can encourage them.
We can acknowledge their good intentions.
We can appreciate their best efforts.
We can give them time off.
We can help out by contributing our time and happy service.
We can provide the respite care, meals and helping hand in times of need.
We can be listen to parents, and let them first ask for advice and help, before offering.
We can forgive our judgments and fears and learn to respect and appreciate them.
We can give them our very best in modeling impeccable self care and loving service.

Let’s ask ourselves what can we do at the grocery store, on the streets, and with our own families.
Let’s respond always and only with love and respect.
Let’s give our best and let the rest go with forgiveness.
Let’s all be the best we can be and set others free to be their best as well.

Loving you and all parents.
Every child is our responsibility.
Betty Lue