Saturday, June 07, 2008

Never Too Busy

Some assume that in a life like mine, I am too busy.
Some people imagine that I do not write to you personally.
Some people make up that their words don’t really count.
Some people feel that they will just take up my time.

Correction of these assumptions:
My life is full, full of meaningful activities and encounters.
My life is respectful and reverent, respectful of each one and reverent towards its meaning.
My life is joyful, full of love and appreciation, opportunities to hug and say “Thanks”.
My life is responsive and responsible. I care for myself so I am awake and aware of what is needed.

I am listening.
I listen to you and others.
I hear what is being called forth from those I encounter and know.
I listen within to the ways in which I am to respond.

My responses may be silence, allowing the silence to speak.
My responses may be words, words of Encouragement and Truth.
My responses may be deeds, actions of contribution and creativity.
My responses may be prayers, thoughts of healing peace and affirmation.

You see, I know that you matter.
I know that our work is not done until we all are One under the Sun.
I know that the Sun shines on everyone equally and so does the Son.
I know that love is given to each one of us and we are to share it with All.
I know when we give abundantly, we receive abundantly all that we need.
I know that giving provides Joy and Healing and Inspiration and Loving Reminders.
I know that I am here to be with you and for you and always Loving you.

So ….I am never too busy for you.
I have always answered my own phone calls and correspondence.
I have always set my own appointments and done my own scheduling.
I have always written my own words in each Loving Reminder and book.
I have always made my own decisions by following the guidance of Spirit within.

When one leads a life of inspiration and Spirit-guided Service, there is always time.
There is no limit to Love and Loving You.

Loving you, one at a time…and all together too!
Betty Lue