Thursday, June 26, 2008

How Is Your Life Going?

God and Good, within you, are the moving force.
God, Goddess and Goodness energize, guide and create.
God, Goddess and Goodness shine enlighten your mind.
God, Goddess and Goodness fill your heart with joy.
(I couldn’t help put all these G words to together to help us see the sameness!)

When we are not inner focused, we are distracted by the world.
When we are not inner guided, we feel detoured by life’s urgencies.
When we are not inner inspired, we feel seduced by outer form.
When we are not inner fulfilled, we can never get enough to be content.

If your life if going downhill, put on the brakes and take a break..
If your life is going nowhere, ask what really matters to you.
If your life is following everyone else, invest in your own company.
If your life is waiting for something to happen, let your connection within happen.

You see, it all is up to us.
We can have a life going upward.
We can have a life going somewhere we really want to go.
We can have a life that follows a path of fulfillment and joy.

Focus on the Good.
Listen within to the voice of Love.
Honor what is practical and inspiring.
Enjoy the Beauty and Goodness that reflects Your True Self.

When you turn away from problems and reflect on solutions, you will find them.
When you direct your attention and intention to doing Good, you will do better.
When you listen more to your intuition and inner guidance, you will be directed.
When you step out in trust, appreciation and open-mindedness, you will know Infinite Possibility.

Life has rhythm and a dance that works perfectly.
Life is an inspiring and educational school designed for you by You.
Life, like school can be a place where you do well or poorly depending on your intention and commitment.
Life provides infinite opportunities for you to learn and grow to come to know freedom with responsibility.

Simple helpful affirmations:
I am willing to be responsible for my life.
I am open to learn from everyone and everything.
I am here to create what is beautiful and good for all.
I am trusting in the guidance within for my focus, direction and spiritual work.

Life works for us, when we are willing to do the work to learn and grow, heal and know, what is Good for All.

Loving you,
Betty Lue