Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Handling Change

How we handle change in moods, change in health, in finances, in residence, in relationship, depends on our attitude. When we are delighted with change and excited by the unknown, flexible and open, change is always positive and works for the Good of all.
When we handle change with resistance, avoidance, fear and anxiety about the unknown, change can seem difficult and dangerous.

Forgiving ourselves for any resistance is the key.
Clearing up past history including the myths we have learned from others who resist change.
Learning to reassure our selves and be patient and gentle with change is also helpful.
Do affirmations and visualization.
Ask for the support, guidance and information you need.

You see love is trust and freedom.
Freedom encourages change for the Good and Trust support change.
So let us Love the change that is happening and direct it all for the Good of All.
Blessed be,
Betty Lue

To clear up any misconceptions:
Moving only our Home August 1.
Still Co-Director of Center for Conscious Living in Pleasant Hill.
Still offering counseling and coaching at the Center and on the phone.
Always including these Loving Reminders.

We are moving our new home on August 1.
I will continue classes, counseling and coaching at my Pleasant Hill Center for Conscious Living.
My Mom will be moving back to permanently live with us on August 11.
We continue to feel blessed and at peace with the changes in our lives.