Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Expand Your Territory

When we start being critical about where we are and what we have, it is time to open our horizons.
When we feel limited, stuck and tied down, it is time to move into more open country.
When we are unappreciated, devalued and even criticized, it is time to expand out territory.
Sometimes we are busy trying to fix, change and patch up what is already finished.

It has been said, “A prophet is not welcome in his own land.”
There are many who are so family focused, they cannot get the message that their help is unwanted.
There are those who cannot see beyond the traditional roles and pictures painted long ago.
Move on.

Give, where your gifts are valued.
Share, when your sharing is enjoyed.
Help, when you helping is appreciated.
Let go, when you see what you give is ignored by others.

When you find yourself in a home, a partnership, friendship or family where your gifts, advice,
helpfulness and kindness go unappreciated, you might take the hint.
Move on.

Do not force your attentions on others.
Do not give words that go unheard.
Do not help those who find it offensive.
Do not give affection to those who resist.

Your Presence and your Prayers are enough for those you love.
“Familiarity breeds contempt” is often so.
Where there is closeness, there may be competition, comparison and jealousy.
When there is comparison, there may also be animosity and negativity.

Consider expanding your territory.
There is no need to shut down or withhold.
Gifts are meant to be given.
Wisdom is meant to be shared.

Give to those who are called to receive from you.
Share with those who listen.
Help those who have asked and are appreciative of being helped.
Enjoy the new opportunities to grow the garden of Love with healing and creativity.

We have no need to stay where there is drought.
We have no requirement to stay with those who would banish us.
We need not continue efforting in loving kindness when we are not valued.
There are many places and people and possibilities for giving our very Best.

Move on.
Loving you in loving!
Betty Lue