Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Do We Really Own Anything?

Who Really owns this earth?
Who really owns our children?
Who really owns our water, air, electricity and gas?
Is it possible that we are loaned these precious gifts?
Is it possible that we are guardians of what has been given us?
Is it possible that we are to learn to be good stewards of it all?

While our egos may want to posses what we have, our Spirit knows it is not true.
While our personalities may wear our partner or job like a badge, our Essence knows it is a lie.
While our need to feel powerful, commanding and in charge, we know we are but dependent.
And it is only when we relinquish our hold on what is given, that we can find the Truth.

To be a guardian of a child is an honor and a privilege.
To be bequeathed the opportunity to mentor, teach, encourage is a gift to us.
To be entrusted with the youth who will carry on, is a spiritual responsibility.
So how do we best care for what we have been given?

To be here on this amazing and glorious planet is an opportunity.
To be utilizing her precious commodities is a responsibility.
To be allowed to be here with full resources available is a gift.
How do we respect what we have been entrusted?

Today we receive the keys to our new home Trilogy at Rio Vista.
We are moving in early August with my 87 yr. old mother.
We papers of “entitlement”, which signify ownership.
However, it is not so…in reality everything is on loan from Source.

And so can I humble myself in appreciation of what is given me.
Will I use it wisely and well, creating a place of love and nurturing for others.
Will I be a model of what I want my world to remember.
Love one another even as we are loved.
Share the best you have with one another.
Care for the least of these and be aware you will be cared for as well.

I am well aware that my life is dedicated not to own and protect what I own,
but rather to give and share and be joyful in the giving.
Thank you Earth and sky and Sea.
Thank you rivers, wind and rain.
Thank you sons and daughters of humanity.
Thanks for this precious life we claim.

Thanks you and all that is,
Betty Lue