Sunday, June 29, 2008

Creating, Maintaining, Utilizing, Letting Go

Each one of us has our own specialty.
We do this with ease and joyful gratitude.
And we often rely on others to play the other parts.

My joyful work is creating.
When I create, initiate, vision and plan, I am “in the Zone”.
I love to create happiness, community, beautiful spaces and opportunities for spiritual growth.
When I am creating, I am inspired, empowered and in love.

For those whose work is maintaining, you provide the energy and enthusiasm to keep things going.
You love to support, continue, carry on and build relationships.
You are team-builders, nurturers and truly helpful.
When you are maintaining, you feel happy and fulfilled.

For those whose work is utilizing, you look for people, places and knowledge to be used.
You seek out place to fill up, to learn and grow, to heal and realize your own well-being.
You are avid learners, enjoyers and gratitude-givers.
When you are utilizing with gratitude, you give the creators and nurturers appreciation.

For those whose place is undoing.
You let go with ease and enjoyment.
You easily release everything that is not wholly helpful and essential to the Good.
When you are letting go, you create new space for the creators to create.

Thank you, everyone for your part in the overall unified plan.
You can see that each of us is needed to complete the circle.
And so it is that we sometimes play all the parts or avoid those we dislike.
Let us allow ourselves to know our right work and fulfill our part for the Good of All

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Friday evening Robert, Lila and myself packed up the Center of Light 1200 Sq ft in two hours.
Sunday morning we loaded the truck and cleaned the space in three hours.
I learned that it is important to me to move on quickly so I don’t linger in doubt or regret.
I blessed the space, learned from the experience and move on to the next creative moment.
Life is an easy flow when you are willing to let go.