Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Change implies stress.
There is positive change and negative change, and both positive and negative stress.
Both cause the body and emotions to feel stressed and sometimes distressed.
Too much stress tends to weaken the immune system. (And even be vulnerable to dis-ease.)

If change is to avoid something you fear, it may be distressing.
If change is to move into something wonderful, you may feel excited with stress.
However, both kinds of stress do impact the physiology.
Ways to manage the stress of change are many and can be simple.

Breathe with every thought of change. Enjoy the aspects of the changes that you find beneficial. Forgive the aspects of change that are frightening or distressful. Extend peace and gratitude towards everyone that supports you.

Change is a constant.
Some change (weather and seasons and time itself) is beyond our control.
Most change is created consciously or unconsciously by ourselves.
Therefore we need to take responsibility to manage our changes.

Some Ways to manage change and its subsequent stress.
Prepare yourself ahead of the change with visualization.
Try on your responses with your imagination.
Handle your fears by affirming the good you seek.
Be patient with yourself.
Be willing to be flexible.
Trust all change works together for Good.
Take each change as a step in the process.
Let yourself learn what you need to manage concerns.
Ask for help and support for greater understanding.
Give yourself time to adjust.
Let go and let God and Good prevail.

Life is full of surprises and mysteries.
When we seek the good, the gift and the blessings, we can find them.
When we are focused on the bad, the problems and the pain, we will amplify them.
So choose what you want the desired outcome to be and let the rest go with your blessing.

Trusting in the changes in life,
Betty Lue

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