Friday, June 20, 2008

Are You Awake?

Are hurting yourself?
Are you ignoring your responsibilities?
Are you spiraling down or lifting yourself up?
Are you paying attention to what loves you best?

During these days of Great external Light, we have the opportunity to see and choose what works for us.
When there is more light, you can see more dirt and debris of the past.
When there is more light, you can take responsibility for cleaning up the mess.
When there is more light, you can avoid doing the work by partying, playing, or complaining.

When you begin the downward cycle, the momentum will keep you going down and down.
To stop the downward spiral, you will need to use some effort to say “NO.”
Instead of sucking your thumb in self recrimination, you need to begin positive action.
Positive action will always begin with full conscious awareness to see what a mess you made.
Positive action will call for a full confession and acknowledgment of your responsibility in the matter.
Positive action invites total forgiveness of yourself and all others for the inattention, mistakes and negative behaviors.

To begin to shift our of the self destructive, self abusive cycles, we must first stop the hurtful behavior.
Do you know what is hurting you?
Do you notice the negative things you think and say and do?
Do you believe you can undo what is not true and loving?

Life requires that we learn through experience.
Life invites us to be keen observers of our own process.
Life provides a failsafe education for young and old.
Life is a healing journey to forgive the mistakes and receive the blessings.

Wisdom is a blessing.
Forgiveness is a gift.
Love is always the answer.
Happiness is the reward.

Say “no” to those thoughts, words and behaviors that are not loving to yourself and others.
Say “no” to continuing habits which cause yourself or others fear, harm or limitation.
When we say “No” to something, we need to say “Yes” to something to fill the void.
Say “Yes” to envisioning, speaking and acting in ways that are totally loving of All.
Say “Yes” to creating new habits and rituals that create peace, harmony, creativity and Joy.

Life will provide options and choices everyday.
Make conscious choices to think Good, speak Good and do Good.
Your reward is pure and perfect Goodness.

Loving you in your awakening,
Betty Lue