Friday, May 16, 2008


How much time do you spend on asking “why?”
Why did this happen?
Why did someone get hurt or sick or die?
Why do I feel sad or bad or mad?

Asking “why” invites us to enter into the experience in order to discover its origin.
Asking “why” encourages thinking, evaluating, comparing and judging.
Asking “why” produces endless possible answers to even the simplest questions.
Asking “why” gets us stuck in focusing on what we often would rather let go.

Why do people act the way they do?
Why does my body have problems?
Why is there illness and death?
Why do we have trouble loving, me and you?

Energy spent on asking “Why?” could be spent on asking “How?”
Therapies and research may find some answers in the why, but it is the How that bring us to NOW!
When we look where we want to go rather than where we have been, we move forward effortlessly.
When we get directions, we don’t ask how we got so lost, we ask how we can be found.

To be reactive is to judge what is and then to seek something or someone to blame.
To be responsive is to see the current state and then to seek the best way to respond to it.
To be proactive is to choose the experience we want to have and to seek how to have it.
To be truly helpful to ourselves and others, let’s ask how we can live the best we know.

Reactions are based on fear.
Responses are based on Love.
Proactivity is based on creativity.

Being truly helpful requires forgiving our fears, judgments and limited thinking.
Being truly helpful invites seeking the most loving, kind and respectful way.
Being truly helpful encourages creating what is good and healthy and loving for all.

So let’s ask:
How can I speak in a helpful way?
How can I let go of the past?
How can I choose positive thoughts?
How can I live with gratitude and trust?

How can I love you and me and all of us more?
My creative spirit-guided mind will fill me with inspiration and hope and possibilities.
My soul self will respond to the question “HOW?” with infinite possibilities.
Freedom and Trust opens the door to so much more than limitation and doubt.

Loving you with the best I know,
Betty Lue