Monday, May 19, 2008

What’s New?

Is anything really new?
Are you having the same problems you always had?
Do you worry about the same things that always bring concern?
Are you focused on what you always focus on?

Are you here to learn, remember and practice in a new way?
Are you here to live life in a way that is unfamiliar to you?
Or are you simply learning to live the life in a healthier and more forgiving way?
Are you called into relationships which are familiar, but needing your resourcefulness?

Let’s say there are many life times? (No need to believe this.)
We come here to learn how to love unconditionally and find inner peace.
We come to forgive and heal the past and seek to Love in the present.
We revisit ancient unhealed stuff in current experiences.

Some believe there is nothing new under the sun.
Some believe we are reconnecting with those we have known before.
Some believe that we are here to clear past mistakes and wounds.
Some believe that our real work is to do the spiritual work to return to Love.

If there is nothing new, maybe it is time to assess where we are in the learning process.
If this is the same old stuff, maybe we can look at it differently.
If this is an old story, maybe we must look at how we might write the script in a new way.
If this is a place and people I am revisiting, maybe I need to ask myself how to complete with honor.

I notice in all of this is the central figure in our lives is ourselves.
I notice the one who can change everything is me.
I notice that the way I think (Judge) automatically (unconsciously) leads to where I have been.
I notice that with freedom (forgiveness) and trust (accepting) I can choose different responses.

+Visualization (imagination and creativity)
+ Affirmations (positive and assertive words)
+Enthusiasm (happy giving and effective living)
= Peace (meaningful fulfillment and true prosperity)

This is something New!
Loving you,
Betty Lue