Friday, May 30, 2008

Listen. Listen. Listen.

So how do you do these loving reminders everyday?
Do you write them everyday?
Do you get them from someone else?
How long does it take?

They take from 15-30 minutes to write each morning and send out to 10-11 email lists to over 1000 people direct.
I sit at the computer with an empty and open mind and let the words come to mind.
You read them exactly as they have come into my consciousness.
I do no editing or correcting (as some of you may notice.)

I have a busy life, usually full of scheduled appointments, office work, family and community service about 12 -14 hours daily, seven days a week. All my activities are inspiring and fulfilling to me.
We have a daily routine where the house is always peaceful, orderly and in the condition to receive company.
We value quiet sanctuary where we live simply and easily with inner and outer peace, goodness and love.
Usually there is no conversation, and never complaints or criticisms, since that is a waste of time/energy.
Communication is in the form of appreciation, acknowledgment, information and request for assistance.
We spend our relaxation time with reading, music and some positive entertainment. We seek inspiration.

When we have additional activities, like preparing for our August move and Mom’s move later this summer, there is always room for what is needed. Our grandchildren and commitments to be with them and their parents take priority one or two full days weekly.

Both Robert and I prefer no distraction when connecting and communicating with anyone.
Thus we choose scheduled time with privacy, eye contact, no outside distractions and no interruptions.
Communication and real loving connection is far more effective when you can give each individual your very best.
(PS, This is why I do not engage in social events and parties or idle social chatter.)
I even cook in silence, so I can focus with appreciation and mindfulness. It then becomes a moving and creative meditation.

Our lifestyle lends itself to our mission of ReUnion: Loving and Respectful Connection with Self, with Spirit and with others.
These Loving Reminders are the reunion and conection with my Self, my Source and with You.
My counseling and coaching time is dedicated to this Reunion.
Our groups, classes and retreats are all for the same healing and Holy purpose—that we might remember “We Are One in Love”.
Betty Lue