Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Highest Good

What does it mean to serve the Highest Good?
What does it mean to do what is Best for All?
What does it mean to teach only Love?
What does it mean to extend Peace to EveryOne?

The ego, our separate personality and little self, seeks to save and serve itself.
Our ego, born into the human condition and living a limited life, seeks to win.
The learned beliefs of our humanity create a world of duality and win/lose conditioning.
Our believed littleness, lack and limitations cause the ego to take care of itself at all costs.

Our Higher Self, our Spiritual Essence, sees beyond itself.
This place of Being wants only to give and receive natural Goodness.
In this awareness we remember Love is our Natural State.
In this remembering we realize we are here to create Beauty, Goodness and Wholeness for All.

When we remember or wake up to this spiritual knowledge, we see only to give the best.
When we remember, we know we are giving to ourselves, the Unified One.
When we realize the gift of life, we recognize we are here to reclaim our Natural State.
When we commit to awakening, we utilize every experience for the Good of All.

Life is a learning laboratory with many “mad” scientists experimenting and exploring possibilities.
In our exploration, we destroy, manipulate, create and manifest many things.
Some we judge valuable and appreciate them. Some we deem harmful and we fear them.
Our work here is to learn from our exploration and acknowledge our creative power.
In appreciation for the ability to choose, to manifest, to achieve, we reclaim our purpose to give Love.
Our willingness to learn from mistakes and forgive our judgment of mis-creations, sets us free to choose the Best.

Now is the time to realize where we have chosen mistakenly.
Now is the place to undo what is not true and not loving.
Now is the opportunity to forgive, erase and undo and choose again.
Now is the moment to reclaim our identity and listen to the Highest Plan.

Give Love and Love will return to you.
Give Peace and Peace will be yours.
Be joyful and appreciative, and your happiness will grow.
Honor you True Self and you will know what is meaningful and on purpose for You.

Life is Good, when we remember and give the Goodness within.
Betty Lue