Sunday, May 18, 2008

Conscious Giving and Receiving

We have received much….more than we realize.
We have given much…more than we know.
With every thought, word and deed we are giving what we have received.
To be a conscious receiver and giver is to choose with wisdom and gratitude.

Let us be willing to receive that which is for the Highest Good for All.
Let us be happy to give that which is for the Highest Good of All.

To be conscious is to be awake and aware.
To be a conscious giver is to be selective about what we receive.
To be a conscious receiver is to commit to giving only what is best for All.
When we receive Good, let us be grateful.
When we give Goodness, let us be joyful.

The wisdom that comes from both receiving and giving is the spiritual recycling in life.
Receive what inspires and uplifts.
Receive what brings life energy and joy.
Receive what offers hope and healing.

Giving increases what we receive.
Give consciously what inspires and encourages.
Give joyfully what offers life energy and hope.
Give abundantly what you want your world to give to one another.

For it is in giving that we receive.

Blessing your for your giving and receiving only Goodness, mercy and Love,
Betty Lue

Tribute to a healing and Holy man on this May 18th, 2008, Robert’s 60th birthday.

Born to parents who taught him to respect all, help whenever he is able and to love God always, Robert always gives his best to everyone he meets. On this his 60th birthday, I wish to acknowledge my spiritual partner, true friend and wedded husband of over 23 years. His coming into my life was a Godsent gift of encouragement, wisdom and support. Robert, your goodness, kindness and intention for excellence in all things inspires and reminds me of who I am and how unlimited we truly are. Thank you for always giving back. B’Lue