Wednesday, May 28, 2008


How do you show your appreciation?
Do you appreciate yourself?
How well do you give and receive appreciation?
Appreciation increases whatever you appreciate.

So pay attention to what you give your energy, power and attention.
If you are rewarding negative behaviors by giving them negative attention, you will increase them.
When you respond to a critical comment with upset, anger, defensiveness, you are giving it power.
When you “react” to something/someone that upsets or offends you, you increase it with your reactivity.

Whether you give positive attention or negative attention, you are feeding the behavior or experience.
Using your energy is a powerful way to manipulate, teach and expand what you want to be.
To be effective in changing behaviors of family members, reward behavior you want.
To be effective in eliminating negative behaviors, ignore the behavior or turn it in a positive direction.

To Appreciate is to increase.
Begin by appreciating in yourself the behaviors you want to increase.
Encourage others by appreciating the behaviors you want more of.
Learn to bypass the learned often unconscious limiting or negative defensive behaviors of others.
Support yourself and others by staying awake to affirming, accepting and appreciating the Good.

Appreciate others in the ways they can and will receive your appreciation.
Sometimes you need to experiment and see what makes them smile.
Sometimes you need to ask how they would like to be appreciated.
Sometimes you need to be intuitive because their requirements change with a whim.

Appreciation is abundant when people are happy with themselves.
Appreciation flows easily when we are living on purpose.
Appreciation is natural when we see and find the Good.
Appreciation is a precious gift, given and received.

Let’s appreciate today.
Let’s appreciate one another.
Let’s appreciate being free.
Let’s appreciate what we value.

Appreciation is a useful tool to create the world and relationships we really want.
Appreciating you and me,
Betty Lue