Sunday, April 27, 2008


Willing Ones Really Know!
Willing Ones Respond Knowingly!
Willing Ones Repay Kindness!
Willing Ones Receive Kudos!

Life lived well is work!
Relationships that succeed are work!
Being happy and healthy is work!
And work is fun, safe and easy!

With the right attitude work is play.
With right thinking work is a game.
With no complaining, work feels great!
Work is the substance of physical life.

To do as little as possible and get as much as you can is selfish, lazy and irresponsible.
When we watch our leaders, parents and authority figures take for themselves, we learn.
When we watch our helpers and caregivers become bitter, critical and resentful, we learn.
When we see the greed and laziness of the adults in our world, we learn.

Let’s learn to enjoy the work we do.
Let’s teach how to work to be successful.
Let’s encourage our youth and even our peers to work for excellence.
Let’s believe in our selves and our nation by doig the work needed.

When we have too much, we get lazy.
When we care too little, we stop trying.
When we depend on others, we become incapable.
When we feel entitled, we demand for ourselves.

Work strengthens us physically.
Work challenges us mentally.
Work teaches us emotionally.
Work fulfills us spiritually.

Work is the ethic on which our country was built.
Work is the standard which gave us our confidence and power.
Work is the stuff that brought our creativity, achievements and service to others.
Work is the value that builds, sustains and supports excellence.

“Early to be and early to rise” makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.
Can you imagine what life would be if you really worked at it daily?
Can you imagine what your work could be if you really worked at it daily?
Can you imagine what your relationships would be if your really worked at them daily?

Your whole life health, happiness and fulfillment is worth working for!!

Doing the Work!
Betty Lue