Saturday, April 26, 2008

What Do You Do?

What do you do when people are sick?
What do you do when people are cranky
What do you do when people are mean?
What do you do when people act crazy?

Judge them?
Avoid them?
Criticize them?
Try to change them?

What if all acts of un-love are really a call for love?
What if people who act sick simply want us to love them?
What if people who act cranky want us to ignore their crankiness and appreciate them?
What if people who act mean are hurting and want someone to respect them?
What if people who act crazy are confused and want someone to listen to them?

If our natural state is Loving, then everything that is not Loving is a call for help and healing.
If we are created by Love for the purpose of remembering to Be Love, then those who have forgotten Love are inviting us to remind them.
If by remembering to be Love, we are Loving Reminders, then this is our mission and our calling.
Then our function is simply to be a Loving Reminder with those who are acting sick, cranky, mean or crazy.

Love doesn’t lecture.
Love does not make wrong.
Love does not criticize.
Love is not impatient.
Love does not get hurt.
Love does not avoid.
Love does not commiserate.
Love does not push or withhold.
Love does not evaluate or compare.

Love is truly helpful.
Love listens within.
Love is kind.
Love is steadfast.
Love is gentle.
Love trusts.
Love is tolerant.
Love is open-minded.
Love is patient.
Love is joyful.
Love is appreciative.
Love is who We really are.

Let every person who is not remembering to be Love, be a reminder for you to be Love.
Blessed be,
Betty Lue