Monday, April 14, 2008


When we start from a stop, it takes a lot of energy to get going.
When we are already in motion and simply make a turn, it requires paying attention.
When the masses are all going in one direction and we are going against the crowd, it takes both concentration, focus and persistence.

Remember that those who are ordinary follow the ordinary path.
What is common is often the easiest to continue.
What is extraordinary or eccentric, will set you apart.

When the world is moving in a direction that does not fit with your values, it requires extraordinary measures.
The consistent attention to ones values, choices, relationships and activities is essential.
To fit in requires that we take on the prevalent fads and beliefs.
To step outside the box requires that we set aside the norm and take the higher ground.

Where there is family or societal momentum moving against what you believe or value, you will be called to strengthen your faith, your trust and your courage to move in your own direction.
To speak out, to make independent choices, to find and live your life true to yourself is freedom and trust.
Love is freedom and trust made manifest in everyday life.

Love yourself enough to set yourself free to see and be You.
Love yourself enough to value what is meaningful to you.
Love yourself enough to honor the Highest and Best you know.

Claim the behavior that you admire.
Speak the words you believe.
Think (pray) the thoughts that affirm what is Good, Whole and Beautiful.
Give what is true to all who appreciate what they receive from you.

You are changing the world one thought, one word, one action at a time.
You are making a difference.
We together can change the direction of human consciousness with our awareness and focus.

Blessing us all in our willingness to do what it takes to raise the consciousness and healthy choices for all humanity.

Loving you,
Betty Lue