Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Here We Go

Have you ever been on a roll where everything just seems to flow effortlessly?
Have you noticed that when you are happy and on purpose everything works?
Have you watched how things work our more exquisitely than you can plan?
When we are in alignment with our highest vision with no doubt or fear, it all works perfectly.

The keys here are “In alignment with our Highest Vision.” And with “no doubt or fear”.
Our Highest Vision is the one in which everyone benefits.
Doubt and fear are the brakes that interfere with easy flow and natural progression.
So when we can focus on what is Good for everyone, we are stepping into perfect alignment.

In life the obstacles or blocks are wakeup calls to show us where we are “off course” or “interfering.”
The wakeup calls invite us to Stop, Look and Listen within.
Am I off course?
Am I doing harm?
Am I making a Good choice for everyone?
Am I clearing the any doubts, fears and judgment from the past?

Sometimes I am asked, how do you do it all so effortlessly?
The simply answer is: “I do it All for Love.”
“I have no fear because Love is my guide.”
I also recognize that because I have given my life to doing Good.
Only Good serves what I do.

When apparent obstacles present themselves, they do not become the object of my attention.
They are my wakeup call and I refocus on the desired outcome of Good for All.
In the affirmation of my Highest Vision and intention, I am inspired to clear doubt and fear.
I trust Good will be the outcome with full appreciation of the Good that already is, Good is always the result.

Clear the fear.
Focus on what you desire for the Good of All.
Follow the flow of Love doing whatever it takes with joy and enthusiasm.
Know that only Good will be the Outcome.
And so it is.

Loving you,
Betty Lue