Monday, April 28, 2008

Do It All Well!

“Anything worth doing, is worth doing well.”
Doing anything well requires focus, persistence and enthusiasm.
You must give 100% to achieve 100%.
When we are happy and clear about the desired outcome, everything can be fun, safe and easy.

Yes, life is WORK.
The work is to create our life fun, safe and easy.
The work is to create our relationships fun, safe and easy
The work is to create our work to be fun, safe and easy.

The Real Work is to let go of everything that is not fun, safe and easy.
Or perceive it all as fun, safe and easy.
This means the Real Work is mostly between our ears in our brain (computer).
The Real Work is to change our attitude, our beliefs and our perceptions.

Say and write these affirmations.
(Where there is resistance, keep doing those affirmations until it clears.)
I love to work.
Work is fun, safe and easy for me.
I easily let go of all resistance, doubt and fear.
I naturally enjoy everything I do.
I am happy and willing to do the work to experience my life as fun, safe and easy.

This is a school of learning for some and remembering for others.
Still others are here to be reminders and teachers to keep remembering.
All of us are in the practice of remembering we can have it all.
All of us are reclaiming our natural state of happiness, love, peace and creativity.

We are here to create what is beautiful, good, holy and healing for all.
We are here to undo what is not true.
We are here to forgive the mistakes of humanity.
We are here to awaken and remind others of unlimited possibilities.

Let’s keep on working with open-mindedness and full appreciation.
Our response-ability is to remember to respond with love and kindness.
Our response-ability is to teach by example.
Make sure you are living what you want others to learn and remember.

It is a joy and a blessing to be happily willing to do the work everyday in everyway with every one.
Loving you in all you are and do,
Betty Lue

Here is a fun, safe, easy and super effective way to do the work daily!
Warning: This will totally transform your life!

30 Days to Enlightenment or 30 Days to Waking Up
30 Days to Healing or 30 Days to Seeing things Differently!

This exercise was given to me from Spirit within over 15 years ago.
It has a profound impact on how we see and live our lives.
This daily practice will heal and transform our lives.
With continued practice, there will be a spiritual awakening.

Forgiveness heals our perception and gives us Response-Ability.
Choice empowers us to Create our Experience Consciously.
Gratitude expands what we Choose and increases our Joy.

Daily Practice:
Begin each morning with a pad of lined paper and a pen.
Write and say 30 forgivenesses as they come to mind.
Simply write “I forgive”…and let the rest just come from within.
(No need to understand or feel anything.)
I forgive you for being mean.
I forgive myself for letting anyone hurt me.
I forgive my body’s limitation.
I forgive myself for being late.
I forgive everything.
Make the sound “AAAH” for 1-2 minutes.
Imagine that you are opening your mind.

Now write and say 30 Choices.
I choose to be happy.
I choose to be free.
I choose to do what I love.
I choose to forgive….

In the Evening (before bed)
Write and say 30 Gratitudes
I appreciate the energy I have.
I love being happy.
I am grateful I have you in my life.
I thank God.
Make the sound “OM” the Universal sound for Love and God for 1-2 minutes.

Even a few of each is better than none.
Do what you can and trust it is working.