Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Life is choice.
We are the choosers.
When we are conscious choosers, we take responsibility for our choices.
When we are unconscious choosers, we claim to be victims of others’ choices.

To choose in a worldly way, we assess the benefits and the liabilities.
We ask concerned questions and question our concerns.
We consider our values, our priorities and our desired outcome.
We respect the advice of authorities and those who have other viewpoints.

To choose in a spiritual way, we give our choices to the Highest Good, to God.
We listen within to our inner voice, the place of peace and true happiness.
We ask that our choices be purposeful and helpful to all concerned.
We trust that what is decided with serve the Greater Good with no one losing.

To make choices in life is the gift of free will.
To make choices in life gives us the opportunities to learn.
To make choices in life strengthens and inspires our willingness to serve.
To make choices in life gives us the physical feedback we need to get we are the choosers.

When in doubt, stop, look and listen within.
When in doubt about choices, take time to gather information.
When uncertain about what to choose, recognize the signals of lack of integrity.
When uncertain, we are in conflict and must seek to find a coherent focus.

Life is about setting the highest goal.
If the goal is happiness, make choices based on serving true and lasting happiness.
“Does this choice support my sustained inner contentment and happiness?”
If the goal is peace, choose only where there is no conflict within you.
“Does this choice bring peace to my mind that I might extend peace to others?”

When we are clear, focused, committed, communicative and certain of our desired outcome, the universe aligns to support our goal.
When we are cloudy, conflicted, withholding and uncertain , the world of apparency shows us our split focus and conflicted desire.

Choose to make clear and focused choices serving only the highest good for All.
Remember, choices made with Spirit will be where no one loses.

Choosing wisely always to Love,
Betty Lue