Thursday, April 24, 2008

Choosing A Helpmate

What are the ingredients you would choose when you want help?
When you are down in the dumps, who do you choose?
When you are afraid, who do you choose?
When you are in trouble, who do you choose?
When you feel sick, who do you choose?
When you are lonely, who do you choose?

Each one of us has our own unique way of choosing what works for us.
We need to honor what really is best for us.
Look at the outcome you want to achieve.
Give yourself the opportunity to choose wisely and well.

The ego and learned personality will choose someone who makes us more comfortable.
We will most likely choose someone to agree with our position and opinion.
We will often choose the way the world has taught us.
We will disregard opinions and influences which set us free to see things differently.

We get stuck when we choose for agreement.
Misery loves company.
The egoic mind wants to be right.
It is easy to play victim.

When our Higher Self and inner Spirit chooses for Help,
We choose to find a better way.
We seek learning and freedom.
We want the way to heal and grow.

Seek for the Highest and Best.
Look for someone who lives what they teach.
Find someone who is receiving what they are giving.
See the helpmate you respect, admire and trust.

Learn from wisdom.
Heal with Loving.
Grow with nourishment.
Change with renewal of your mind.

Remember that when we want help, we want the Best.
When we ask for advice, we want someone who is living what they know.
When we need more Love, we want someone who will not quit on loving.
When we need strength, we must seek out the strong and confident.

Friends and family give the best they know.
If their lives are not what you want to have.
Seek for someone whose life you admire.
If their lives are admirable, listen and modify for your uniqueness.

Respect yourself enough to be selective.
Trust yourself enough to listen intuitively.
Be patient with yourself enough to stay with it.
Be kind to yourself to value the healing and learning process.

Life is for giving.
You are the gift.
Polish your gift.
Give yourself with joy.
You will see and value the gift that you are.

Loving you,
Betty Lue