Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Change is Good

We will be in LA until Sunday for the California Marriage and Famiy Therapists Conference, where I will offer early morning T’ai Ch Chih and Holistic Renewal at 6:30AM. I do this annually and it is fun. Back to you with Loving Reminders on Monday morning. xxoo


All change works together for Good.
Trust everything is our own best interests.
Everything always works more exquisitely than we can plan.
Life works when we believe it is working!

Faith is our willingness to let go of our fear.
Faith is the invitation to believe we deserve Good.
Faith is remembering Love creates Love.
Faith is the awareness that only our doubting inter-fears!

Why not trust?
How did you learn to fear change?
Did you experience negative changes?
Did you find that things in life were dangerous and difficult?

Difficulty is caused by the mental and emotional obstacles we place in our path.
Seriousness is created by our negative imaginings and worries.
Danger is caused by not listening to the voice of love and sanity within.
When we are following a fearful leader, we may get lost in other’s mistakes.

Prayers are answered when we truly trust that we are loved and deserve Good.
Our primary work is to forgive our mistakes so that we know we deserve Goodness.
Forgive anyplace where you feel guilty so that you don’t set up punishing yourself.
Give yourself opportunities to receive All Good by being and giving the Good you Are.

Life is for giving the Love and Good You Are.
When you live Goodness and give Goodness, you will believe you deserve Goodness.
When you believe you deserve Goodness, you will receive Goodness.
Trust. You are giving yourself the outcome you allow yourself to receive.
I am willing to receive All Good and only Good now and always.
I am willing to give All Good and receive Only Good now and always to everyone.

Loving you,
Betty Lue