Thursday, April 17, 2008

Are You Fulfilled?

Are you full?
What are you full of?
How are you filled?
How do you fill others?

Everyday is an opportunity to fill yourself or drain yourself.
To be fulfilled is to receive what you are giving.
To be fulfilled is to give to others what you want to have yourself.
To be filled is to appreciate and increase what you value.

So often we have draining habits.
Thoughts of “not enough’ deplete us.
Thoughts of worry shut down our flow.
Thoughts of judgment diminish our confidence and esteem.

To eliminate what fatigues, empties and drains your energy, try a few of these new habits.
Eliminate all gossip.
Speak no words you would not enjoy hearing.
Give no advice unless invited.
Take impeccable care of what you own, beginning with your self.
Express your love for beauty, goodness and kindness.
Give the very best to everyone you encounter.
Enjoy the life you have with profound gratitude daily.
Take time to smile, breathe deep and value what you have created.
Tell the people in your life how you appreciate them.
Give yourself some music, art or nature experiences daily.
Read and watch what inspires and uplifts your spirit.
Laugh often at what amuses and pleases you.
Take time for yourself to be alone, to reflect and contemplate.
Pray that your mind, body and spirit serve only the highest Good.
Love, respect and trust yourself.
Forgive all mistakes instantly and admire your willingness to learn.
Keep adding to the list of what fills and fulfills you.

Know you are fully loved and appreciated,
Betty Lue