Saturday, March 15, 2008

We Can Forgive Ourselves

Until I “Know” I cannot judge.
Until I am “perfect”, I cannot expect perfection.
To push and punish, to demand and threaten, is foolishness.
I cannot know what is best for another, but I can forgive myself for judging another.

We assume.
We make up stories.
We demand what we want.
We cannot possibly know the individual’s path or spiritual journey.

Yes, It is time for spring renewal.
Renewing our mind by dropping the faulty ways we may have learned.
Yes, it is time to forgive and undo what is not true and not loving.
We can and will, now or later, forgive and let go of what no longer works.

Forgiveness is a song of prayer.
Forgiveness is remembering our true nature.
Forgiveness is selective Remembering.
Forgiveness is erasing the past and being left with the Blessing.
Forgiveness is a gift to and for ourselves.
Forgiveness is the first step to enlightenment.
Forgiveness is the undoing of everything not wholly true and wholly loving.
Forgiveness erases our mind and lightens our way.

Is it time to let go of the stories of suffering and pain?
Is it time to stop telling what no longer is here and now?
Is it time to stop projecting our opinions onto others?
Is it time to undo the excuses for withholding our love?
Is it time to give the best of ourselves to one another?
Is it time to suspend fear and judgment and give hope and renewal of faith?
Is it time to see everything new again, with the wonder of an innocent child?
Is it time to experience the happiness, peace and fulfillment that can be ours?

All these spiritual and inspirational gifts can be ours simply by forgiving everyone and everything.
Life, seen with forgiving eyes, is a glorious gift of beauty, goodness and kindness.
We can experience inner healing and outer faith when we truly forgive what was in our past.
When all we remember is the blessing of being the Love we are and give ourselves fully, we are free.

I am loving you in forgiving everything and everyone, including ourselves, for all time.
In this there is profound healing for our world.

Blessed be,
Betty Lue

A few more at the zoo.
Mostly three little ones with two big ones require FULL attention, so few photo opps.