Friday, March 21, 2008

Full Moon and Good Friday

(Plus drumming circles all over the planet)

This is indeed a significant time for each one of us to eliminate those negative habits, addictions and limiting beliefs and behaviors that are not highest and best for ourselves and our loved ones. Each one of can and does make a significant difference. Every one is teaching by their behavior, even in secret. You see the message, the energy, the gift of our lives is either exalted and beneficial, or deleterious and detrimental to others. Each one of us is making a positive or negative difference on Planet Earth.

Now if you are egocentric and only thinking about yourself, you may feel “Who cares?”
However everything you are thinking, saying and doing will come back to you, like a boomerang.
Some call it karma. Some simply say, “What goes around, comes around.” “What we sow, we reap.”
However you look at it, your life is directly and often immediately impacted by how you treat others, yourself and your environment. If you lie, cheat and steal, others will lie, cheat and steal from you. If you are kind and helpful, others will be kind and helpful around you. If you do both, you will experience both in your life.

No matter what the world and humanity seems to do around you, your work is to forgive and always and only give the very best. Let the rest be undone with the setting sun. Release from your history and memory those experiences with deplete and deflate your energy.
Let go of thoughts that depress you. Forgive words that defeat you. Forget the experiences that deplete you. Know that your highest work is to keep yourself whole and happy and free always to live and give your very best. For some this means, we release relationships and for others it means you simply change your attitude and behavior. For some it means you move to another state with higher values and simpler lifestyle. For others it means you learn to economize and live within your means, while staying where you are. For some it means establishing a daily spiritual and inspirational practice and for others it means simply practicing the fine art of gratitude.

Remember this is your full moon to harvest what nourishes and nurtures you and your loved ones.
Remember this is your good Friday, time to bury those parts of your life that you need to plow under.
Remember this is your life, your Spring time of renewal and Resurrection to come alive to Your calling.
Remember you can and will find your path,, your joy and your freedom in being True to you!

Celebrate Easter this year as the real beginning of living Life in Higher way!
Loving the Love and grateful for every new beginning,
Betty Lue