Saturday, February 16, 2008

Why Not Stories of the Past?

God is growing us.
We outgrow the old pots and need to be transplanted into bigger pots and more expansive ways.
Once we have outgrown high school, we don’t need to talk about high school stories of glory.
Once we have moved on from days of hardship, we simply don’t need to recall how difficult it was.

When we focus on the past, we recreate it in our present.
We outgrow childhood things and move on into living as an adult.
We let go of immature reactions and activities and step into mature responsible choices.
We release mistakes when we correct our perception and see all things as working together for good.

We regress when we have not finished with what was and are holding fear and judgment.
We get stuck when we are attached to people, places and things.
We move on when we follow the Inner Light and live in Love.
It is the spiritual certainty that comes from trusting in the perfection of all things and gathering Wisdom with Love and Peace with Gratitude that gives us the confidence and strength to simply move on.

Yes, all that is left of the past is its beauty and its bountiful blessings.
The rest is undone by completing what was for forgiveness and gratitude.
The next moment is a Gift of Wonder and Enjoyment right Now.
And when we are willing to be peaceful and present, we receive inspiration and guidance now.

As we grow in faith, we give up childish things.
No more need to sell ourselves or accomplishments.
No more desire to compare our journey with another.
We simply live the Truth we know and share the Best we have.

Life becomes more simple, with less to do and say.
Be present in Love. I love Life and life loves me.
Our greatest Joy lies in the freedom to express, extend and contribute the Love We Are.
Let us simply enjoy the Good that Is, the Good God that lives in you and me.

By letting go of what was, we make room to appreciate what is and to experience whatever will be with confidence and peace.
Loving you, loving us all endlessly,
Betty Lue

Love never ends.
It simply changes form as we grow in understanding of what Love really Is!

Know I am loving You!