Sunday, February 17, 2008

Practice, Practice, Practice

Life is a game.
To learn the game of life requires practice.
To play with ease requires patience, consistency and practice.
To play with excellence requires forgiving the fears, judgments and quitting.

When we learned to wash our own hair, we became better with practice.
To learn to cook we needed to practice.
When we learn to play the piano, we become proficient with practice.
To learn to play golf well requires practice.
To learn to be in relationship skills asks that we practice.
To learn to become a good parent invites practice.
To learn to Love demand that we practice.

Look for how you learn the best.
How did you learn to cook, to play music or a sport?
How did you learn to communicate well with your partner?
What do you need in order to do well what you choose for yourself.
Managing money, making love, writing a letter, cleaning your house and driving a car?

I learn well with observation and experimentation.
I enjoy learning through exploration without comment or criticism.
I learn most quickly when others trust that I can learn and practice effectively.
I need very little instruction verbally and want help only when asked.

To be as proficient as God, to develop our divinity and Godly nature we need practice.
So open up to life as offering experiences that allow us to practice.
When I need direction, I go within.
When I want reassurance, I go within.

When I want to learn to be a good person, I look for the “Goodest person I know.
I watch how they live.
I observe how they think and relate, emote and tend to their physical, financial needs.
When I want to learn, I go to the best I can find for telepathic connection.
And then I practice practice, practice.

Life can be fun, safe and easy when I practice what works to play the game.

1) Clarify the game you want to play well.
2) Observe the best players you know.
3) Listen to those who play well.
4) Appreciate and admire someone who plays well.
5) Practice what you can do in all kinds of circumstances.
6) Never criticize others’ mistakes.
7) Encourage yourself to keep practicing.
8) Enjoy the learning process.
9) Give yourself credit for willingness to learn.
10) Never quit.

Remember to keep up the practice.
Loving you,
Betty Lue

#1 Play to perfect. Use criticism and reform all mistakes.
#2 Play to help others play. Use manipulation and helpfulness to win.
#3 Play to achieve and be the best. Look good even when they aren’t winning.
#4 Play to be unique and be noticed. Complain and have excuses when they don’t get their way.
#5 Play to gather information in private, to learn as much as they can before engaging.
#6 Play to belong and fit and add to the group. Fear being excluded.
#7 Play to be excited and delighted through diversity and novelty. Always want to play more.
#8 Play to be in control, commanding and need to lead with power and given authority.
#9 Play to find a way to maintain peace and balance and morph into what is needed.

Those who learn with happy willingness to try again, enjoy the game of life more and grow most easily.
Those who are stuck with the way it needs to be, find fault and get stuck in the problems or mistakes.