Wednesday, February 27, 2008

No Right Way

There are a myriad of perspectives on every situation and issue.
No one person knows what is best for all concerned.
Because circumstances, attitudes and priorities change rapidly, today’s answer may be faulty tomorrow.
The best we can do in each moment is listen with forgiveness and the intention of finding peace.
The best we can do is give the love we have and trust in the highest outcome.
The best we can do is show up, pay attention, tell the highest and most healing truth and let go.

To let go and let God is to be aware, forgive all judgments and trust that Good will be made apparent.
To let go and let God is to trust that everything happens in our own best interests.
To let go and let God is to know that everything always works more exquisitely than we can plan.
Life is a play of giving our best and letting the rest unfold.

Be aware that where we judge, we block the flow of goodness and healing.
Be aware that where we need to be right, we will work to win and make someone else lose.
Be aware that wherever anyone loses, no one really benefits.
Be aware that healing comes from awareness with non judgment and inner peace.

The “right” way does not exist.
The mind wants to grab onto a righteous path which is unchanging.
The only unchanging Truth is the Goodness and Love that underlies everything.
The surface experiences in this world are always changing.

The best we can do is be open and willing to see things differently, from all perspectives.
The best we can do is to forgive our pettiness and selfishness and limited and fear-based options.
The best we can do it to trust that through our willingness to heal our separation, we come to know God.
The best we can do it to set aside our separate interests and look for the most Healing outcome.

We are here together to learn from one another.
When our minds are closed with restrictive and righteous beliefs, we limit our learning.
When our hearts are closed with fear and hurt, we limit our forgiveness and loving.
We are here to forgive our defensive positions and learn to love again.

Life gives us pop quizzes and midterm exams over and over until we learn enough to pass.
If we begin to see ourselves as lifetime students in a course in healing our fear and separation,
we will be willing to accept our function of forgiveness to learn to unconditionally Love no matter what.
The Loving way is demonstrated in our willingness to trust the Voice within
and to free ourselves of fear to always give the Highest and Best we hear and know in our heart.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

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