Sunday, February 24, 2008

Love is Healing

Healing is Loving.
When we are loving, we are all healers one to another.
When we are extending love and peace we are healing ourselves and our world.
When we are withholding love and peace, we are blocking healing ourselves and others.

When love flows through us without condition, judgment or fear, we open the flow of healing Love to all.
When Love is blocked, made special, or offered to get something, we deny Love to ourselves and others.
Love is freedom, freely given, without exclusion to all we encounter.
Love is trust, trusting the process of each one and everyone, trusting in their unique healing needs.

Healing is the relinquishment of attack and judgment.
Healing is the absence of fear.
Healing is inner peace.
Healing is being happy.
Healing is true and lasting forgiveness.
Healing is open-mindedness.
Healing is giving Love without conditions.
Healing is creating.
Healing is living on purpose.
Healing is reconnection with source.
Healing is knowing all is well.
Healing is innocent.
Healing is perceiving only wholeness and holiness.
Healing is trusting God and Good in All things.
Healing is living in the Present.
Healing is Gratitude and Enjoyment.

Healing is natural to those who Love.
Healing is effortless to those who simply Love.
Healing is joyful to those who extend Love to All.
Healing is reciprocal for those who offer healing, receive healing.

We can treat symptoms of depression and disease, with endless remedies or cures.
To address the underlying healing needs is to recognize it is always in all ways a call for Love.
This healing Love is not emotional but Eternal. This healing Love is all powerful.
This healing Love is Holy.
This healing Love is a gift to everyone equally at all times.
This healing Love never ends or fades or is saved for one over another.
This healing Love is available to all who are open and willing to receive it.
This healing Love is shared by us all.
Whenever anyone asks for mental, emotional, spiritual or relationship healing,
we are simply calling for a reconnection with the Love, the Presence of all God and all Good within.
We simply see to remember the Love that created us as the Love we are.
We want to realize we are loved now and always no matter what.

I call upon us all to bring forth the Love We Are and to share the Love we have with One another
with a smile, a touch, a word, a prayer, a kind deed, a trust, a forgiveness, a laugh, a shared moment of Truth.

Thanks for being my healing partners on this journey through life,
Betty Lue