Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Have You Missed Me?

I have missed being with you in this written form.
Down with the yucky flue stuff for over a week.
Up today for the time I have energy.
I am open and willing to receive your love for sure.

But mostly, would like for you to send affirming prayers and love to my 86 yr. old Mom in
Asheville, NC. and totalled her car on Friday.
No broken bones, but lots of pain in the healing process.
She is needing healing energy and love.
Robert will be there on March 1-5, but in the meantime not being given pain relief.
Thank you for seeing her healing, whole and holy.

Now onto the most important part of this email…

Dear One,
I want you to know I love, appreciate and value you.
I consider you each one, important in my world.
I honor and respect who you are.
I am inspired by how you live the very best you know.
I am encouraged by how we each are giving the best we have.
I thank you and bless you in all you are and do.

Know my love and Spirit goes with you,
Happy Valentine’s Day!
Betty Lue