Thursday, February 28, 2008


Times change.
People change.
Weather changes.
Economics change.

Seen without fear, all things work together for Good.
“Where we judge, we see what we judge.”
Where we are at peace and observe with trust, we see the Good and the blessings.
Where we resist change, we can only see what it is we are resisting or imagine it will come with change.

When we let go and trust Goodness and God, we perceive what is highest and best for All concerned.
“Everything is in our own best interests.” (ACIM) reminds us we are here to heal and awaken ourselves.
When we set all things FREE to BE what they are meant to BE, we can TRUST the GOOD will be revealed.
With non resistance, Life unfolds allowing us to return to our natural state of innocence and freedom with trust.
With gratitude for what it, we can see the intrinsic Good in the grand undoing.

Bless the changes.
Look for the opening to healing, growth and more happiness.
Be willing to go with the flow and let go of attachments.
Trust forgiveness of all fear and judgment, opinions and worries.

Believe that God, Source, Love Itself wants us all to be whole and happy and free/
Blessed be,
Betty Lue

Remember the blessings already are.
We are simply unwrapping the package to find the Beauty and Goodness inside.