Friday, January 18, 2008

Very Full Time

Really Busy?
Count Your Blessings!
Appreciate everyone and everything.
Give your best.
Do What is Essential.
Ask for a little latitude from yourself and your friends.
Enjoy the fullness.
Fill in the blank spaces. (With calls, food, planning, quiet.)
Sleep well.
Value what is valuable.
Don’t sweat the small stuff.
Love each one well, including yourself.

How do you do it?
This year we have chosen to be ever more conscious of our expenditure of time energy, resources and to give what has value and to let go of the rest.
To take impeccable care of oneself requires: Assessment, Planning, Activity, Review
To make effective changes requires: Assessment Preparation, Activity and Review
To be productive in creation and manifestation requires: Assessment, Planning, Action and Evaluation

Needs Assessment:
We look at what needs to be done, where Spirit is calling for us to serve, what appears to be the more essential areas to address, what seems to be the underlying issue or problem.

We prepare ourselves to give our very best by taking good care of our essential needs for physical vitality, mental and emotional willingness and spiritual enthusiasm. We bring together the resources, time, money and energy needed and ask for spiritual and worldly help from others.

We take the steps one by one, quick or slow, moving around obstacles, never lingering or analyzing, simply flowing with the fun,safe and easy ways to accomplish and do what is needed.

Before evaluation we appreciate who we are, what is done, how we learned and our willingness to receive the rich reward of gratitude for All That Is, Was and Will be. In the evaluation, there is a moment of looking for anything else that is needed. Responding to needs without being requested is the proactive calling of those who see beyond the obvious and hear beneath the verbalized requests.

We are moving into our new Center tomorrow with a success business meeting first. Continuing our other activities with more efficiency or letting the non essential items go for a few days, or simply completing what is needed in travel time, on email or in between.
Always grateful, usually laughing and enjoying and experiencing the fullness of life as it is, We are love expressing and experiencing itself.

Loving you, loving All,
Betty Lue