Thursday, January 17, 2008

A “Spiritual” Life

What is it to be spiritual?
Where and how do I begin?

To be spiritual is to be inspired.
To be spiritual is to care.
To be spiritual is to feel connected.
To be spiritual is to seek to know the Authentic Self.
To be spiritual is to follow the path of Goodness and Light.
To be spiritual is to be willing to listen within for the High Way.
To be spiritual is to heal whatever fears and judgments are blocking inner Peace.
To be spiritual is to forgive the barriers and interference to Love All equally, including one Self.

To begin, we must be willing.
To begin, we must be open.
To begin, we must be grateful.
To begin, we must choose.

I am willing and open to be Inspired and spiritual.
I am grateful to consciously choose to begin a spiritual path.

The high way is a way of freedom and trust.
The enlightened way is a road of ease and flow.
The work of the seeker is to be willing to drive.
The relinquishment of the chooser is to let Spirit be the navigator.

Good and loving folks are living spiritual lives innocently and naturally.
Good and loving people are allowing their conscience and ethics direct the course.
Good and loving ones are clear that peace and joy, safety and trust, come from giving their best.
Goodness and Love are accurate and wonderful spiritual guidelines for living a healing and holy life.

So this is where to begin.
Clean up your thoughts. No negatives, put downs or ugliness within.
Clear up your words. Speak forgiving and healing words which inspire and illuminate.
Clear up you activities. Do your best and keep your agreements. Live a happy healthy lifestyle.

“Easier said then done.” Perhaps?
But what better place than to prepare oneself to meet Eternal and Mighty Goodness face to face.
No guilt or defenses when we know our life is clear.
We feel free to listen within to All Love without fear.

Good Work this is. And life is uplifted and energized in our willingness.
So be it.
Betty Lue