Sunday, January 20, 2008

On the Mark

From the archers of old we have the phrase being “on the mark” or hitting the bulls-eye.
When we are on the mark, we are effective and on purpose.
When we are on the mark, life works because we are doing the work.
When we are on the mark, we feel capable, valuable and successful.

When we are off the mark, we have “sinned”.
In ancient Greek, to “sin” meant missing our target.
So to err is to sin and miss the mark.
So the sinner must first have a mark at which to aim.

What is your Mark?
What is your North Star?
Where are you focused?
What guides and directs your life?

To be successful and effective is to be on purpose, living your mission and true to oneself.
To be on the mark is to live in integrity with one’s values and life purpose.
To feel in alignment with the flow of life, we must clear away the obstacles to our Highest Truth.
To experience “safe, fun and easy” is to be right with oneself and the Goodness (God) within.

How to begin?
An excellent archer has the right equipment.
Are you prepared with what you need?
An excellent archer knows and sees his target.
Do you keep in mind where you are going?
An excellent archer practices with commitment and consistency.
Do you continually remember your goal, the purpose of your life?
An excellent archer knows the correct posture and stance.
Are you grounded and centered in your highest Truth and values?
An excellent archer is focused on the bulls-eye, draws back is bow and lets go.
Are you focused on your desired outcome and willing to do the work it takes?
An excellent archer trusts in the path of the arrow without managing its flight.
Are you willing to do the work with a focused vision and let go with full faith?
An excellent archer steps back from a missed mark and simply aims and shoots again.
Are you willing to forgive all sin, (missed marks immediately) and simply choose again?

What are you aiming for?
How will you know you have hit the mark?
What are the rules of success for you?
What do you need to do to get ready?
How do you support yourself in being on purpose?
Are you willing to clear all distractions, detours and delaying tactics and exceuses?
Is now the time for your to go for what really matters to you?

I forgive myself for judging any error, for limiting my choices and for not going for it.
I now choose to do what it takes to be committed and consistent in living “on the mark”.
I am on the mark everyday in every way with everyone.

Loving you in remembering to Love!
Betty Lue