Tuesday, January 15, 2008

New Beginnings

Distracted by what is undone, we must complete, forgive and bless as we let go of the past.
Inspired by our inner vision, daring to hope and dream, we must concretize and put into form.
Willing to have faith, having written down what we dare to conceive and believe, we commit.
Having decided to follow through with what comes to us, we begin to listen and follow step by step.
As we prepare, plan, participate and build the process of creation and manifestation, we are act.
Action with enthusiasm and inspiration, yields more energy and the momentum builds.
With gratitude and a fullness of appreciation for ourselves and All Good, we come to know God.

It is possible that we have been denying ourselves the fun, safe and easy way.
It is possible that we ourselves our the great limiters of all that is possible.
It is possible that there are no barriers for the richness of success when we release doubt.
It is possible that the only forgiveness is to forgive limiting ourselves.

Now is the time let go of limits.
Forgive all barriers to freedom of choice.
Be willing to unleash the vision of Greatness within.
Begin with today choosing to be happy with yourself.

Life works for us when we don’t get in the way.
Love works for us when we remember to trust.
Letting go works for us when we release with blessing.
Laughter works for us when we enjoy the whole show.
Lightness works for us when we shine our Light on secrets.

There are no limits except in our thinking.
There is no sacrifice except in our choices.
There is no pressure except that which we impose.
There is no lack, except when we believe we have not enough.

And so it is.
Time to free our minds of the constraints of mass consciousness and faulty thinking.
Time to let go and know we are free to choose again and yet again.

Let us begin anew each day with trust and freedom, the Love We Are.
Betty Lue