Monday, January 21, 2008

More On the Mark!

(Following yesterday’s reminders.)

An excellent archer has a teacher and/or a role model from which to learn.
Do you have someone you allow to teach, guide, encourage and support you?
An excellent archer uses his success to teach model and inspire others’ potential.
Do you share your spiritual wisdom, confidence, experience and enthusiasm with others?
An excellent archer keeps on improving and using his skill or craft to expand his expertise.
Are you willing to keep on challenging yourself with targets that appear more difficult?

What are the symptoms of being on purpose?
How are you on the mark for healing and forgiveness?
How are you on the mark for your life Purpose?
How can you be ever more vigilant for being Love in the world?
What are the signs you are living your highest Truth, in integrity with universal law?

Remember a time when you were “in love”. You may have experienced some or all of these symptoms.
Imagine that Being In Love is your natural state. And when we are on the mark we are “In Love”.

Signs of Being in Love (Taken from “Symptoms for Inner Peace” written in 1984)
  • Feeling safe and content and happy.
  • Talking, thinking and acting spontaneously.
  • Lack of self- consciousness or self concern.
  • No judgments, comparisons or analyzing.
  • No need to interpret others’ behavior or assume we know others’ motive.
  • No interest in conflict, arguing or winning.
  • Freedom from worry and concern.
  • Often caught smiling for no apparent reason.
  • Feeling connected with nature, people and all life.
  • Lots of spontaneous appreciation.
  • Letting life happen without the need to control.
  • Uncontrollable urge to love everyone.
Are you willing to be an archer for the Love of God?
Are you willing to make Love your life’s work?
Are you willing to do what it takes to be on the mark for Love?

Loving you as I am living on the mark for Love,
Betty Lue