Friday, January 25, 2008

Love Begins Now

You can have a happy and loving life.
You can recreate your childhood memories.
You can undo what is not true of you.
You can stop telling limiting and painful stories.

You are born from love.
You were born to love.
Your Essence is Love.
When you think you are not Loved and Loving, you are mistaken.

When you listen to “your” thoughts, you hear parental voices.
When you listen to your mind, you hear what human minds were thinking.
What you believe about yourself is really what you were taught to believe.
What you attract to yourself is what you learned to attract.

Until we take full responsibility for our mind, body, emotions and our Truths, we believe others.
Until we disown unloving thoughts, destructive patterns and limiting beliefs, we are stuck.
Until we can forgive the past, people and programming, for their ignorance, we are not free.
Until we stop telling and reviewing our negative history, we continue to reprogram ourselves.

When we forgive others for not loving and respecting themselves, we are free to forgive ourselves.
When we forgive ourselves for buying negative unloving stuff, we can forgive others.
When we forgive the world’s fear, judgment, defensiveness and attack, we can forgive ourselves.
When we forgive ourselves for being unkind, restrictive and doubting, we free ourselves to fully be.

We are the ones.
We can begin now.
We are called to remember.
We will set others free.

Forgiveness and Affirmation Works!
I forgive the ignorance of those I was born to be with.
I forgive myself for living out their programming and limiting beliefs.
As a child created by love for the purpose of loving, I choose to love myself and love them too.
I know we all remember We Are Love, we will all love one another!

Loving you,
Betty Lue